1. Schools

Our dream is to be in every school of Brasil. If you're like us and believe that a healthier future can only be reached with nutrition education in the schools, reach out to us.

Private Schools, get in touch, and we will include nutrition education in your classrooms (or kitchens).

Public schools, get in touch and also talk to your city government, we're here to help make it happen.

2. Companies

We create social responsibility projects customized to your brand. With your partnership we can take nutrition education to places that we couldn't reach by ourselves.

With Danone, for instance, we're taking our methodology to every region of Brasil through 1,2,3 e Lácteos! project.

We also want to take nutrition education to the grown-up, through corporate health plans to your team.

3. Special Projects

We love to solve problems through Design and Nutrition. Challenge us!

If you have found a problem and feel like this can be solved through our competencies, don't hide, we can help you shaping your idea.

Institutions, nutritionists, educators, restaurantes, farmers, markets, unite for a better health!

4. Represente!

We want to create a movement of professionals, parents, educators and whoever else interested in providing a better future to our children through food.

Follow the example of Nathalia Donato (photo), who's taking Meu Dia Alimentar methods to children in Santos (SP).

Be an ambassador of this movement.